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Instructors are qualified ‘First Aid Trainer/Assessors’ and are generally capable of dealing with any accident or Health & Safety issues first hand.

All instructors are also CRB ‘Enhanced Disclosure Checked’ as a requirement.

Derick Sutherland 2nd Dan

Sensei Derick Sutherland is Chief Instructor of Shobu Kai Karate Club.

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Sensei Sutherland started training in 1981 with Beith Karate Club under Sensei’s Billy Kerr, Robert Kerr and Graham Guffie. Training 3 to 4 times a week, he soon gained his 1st Kyu Brown and White belt in 1983.

Following a break from training due to injury and family commitments, Sensei Sutherland returned to Karate in 2000 with Garnock Valley Karate Club and passed his 1st Dan Black Belt in September of that year under the late Sensei Enoeda 9th Dan.

He helped found Shobu Kai Karate Club in 2004 along with Sensei Guffie and gained his 2nd Dan Black Belt in 2005. Sensei Sutherland has since introduced his own children to Shotokan Karate, two of which are now 2nd Dan Black Belts and both skilled karateka and national champions in Kata and Kumite.

Shobu Kai is a member of the KUGB under the guidance of Sensei’s Andy Sherry 9th Dan and Frank Brennan 7th Dan, resulting in a consistently high standard of Karate being taught throughout the organisation via the club instructors, so although as Sensei says, he may be "too old and too stiff" to compete any longer, he takes great pleasure in passing on this exceptional level of teaching to his students.


Adam Sutherland 2nd Dan

Sensei Adam Sutherland began training at the age of 8 with Garnock Valley Karate Club under the late Sensei Sandy Kerr, having been encouraged to take up Karate by his father, Sensei Derick Sutherland (2nd Dan). During his time at the club he graded under Sensei Ohta (7th Dan) and achieved his 3rd Kyu brown belt.

In 2004 Sensei Sutherland joined the newly formed Shobu Kai Karate Club under Sensei Graham Guffie (3rd Dan) and Sensei Derick Sutherland (2nd Dan) and not long after gained his 1st Dan black belt in 2005 at Barnsley, grading under Sensei Andy Sherry (8th Dan) and Sensei Bob Rhodes (7th Dan).

Also during this time he won the Scottish National Championships under 5' Kumite title and finished Runner-up in the same category at the British National Championships.

In 2007 Sensei Sutherland gained his 2nd Dan black belt at Barnsley, grading under Sensei Andy Sherry (8th Dan) and Sensei Billy Higgins (7th Dan).

Since 2007 he has won Scottish National Championships Kata titles and received finalist medals at the British National Championships. He was also selected for the Scotland squad and competed at the 2008 European Shotokan Karate Championships in Crawley, England.
After being out for 18 months with an injury sustained at the Shotokan World Championships in Cancun he is back in full training and on the road to recovery after winning the recent
Glasgow Karate Academy Open Kumite and hoping to achieve greater competition success and gain his 3rd Dan in the near future.


Conor Sutherland 2nd Dan

Sensei Conor Sutherland started training in 2001 at the age of 8 with Sensei Sandy Kerr, joining his older brother and father who were both members of the Garnock Karate Academy, and reached 6th Kyu (Green Belt) with JKA senior examiner, Sensei Otta.

After changing clubs and joining the newly formed Shobu Kai Karate Club and the KUGB Association, Conor passed his 1
st Dan Black Belt with Sensei Frank Brennan in 2006 and gained his 2nd Dan Black Belt in 2009 with Sensei Billy Higgins.

Having competed in many competitions throughout the UK he has won medals and trophies at several championships, including the Liverpool Open and the North West Open. He has been Scottish Grand Champion twice and also received silver and bronze medals in various other categories.

Having participated at the European Championships in 2009 at the age of 16, he plans to compete further at national and international level and hopefully compete at the next World Championships, while training hard towards his 3
rd Dan.


Jason Dunn 1st Dan

Gained his 1st Dan Black Belt Sept 2007 at Barnsley.


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